Thursday, March 29, 2007

What’s next in Iraq?

"Tariq Ali: I DON’T think that very many people outside the U.S. believe this. Even in countries that have troops there, the population is against the war and occupation. With every passing day, it becomes clear that the principal aim of the U.S. in invading and occupying Iraq had very little to do with democracy or even toppling a dictator, and a great deal to do with exercising imperial power, showing both the region and the rest of the world that this is how modern imperialism works – that the U.S. cannot be defied, and if it is defied, it reserves the right to punish defiance. Iraq was meant to be the country where this would be demonstrated. Another principal reason was to grab the Iraqi market – to grab Iraqi oil and divide it among the West, as used to be the case long years ago when Iraq was ruled by the British. This occupation takes place now in a very changed international context. This is a 21st century occupation. It takes place in the context of neoliberal economics and a global offensive by corporate capitalism." Tariq spoke to Socialist Worker’s ERIC RUDER about the aims of the U.S. occupation and the growing Iraqi resistance.

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