Friday, March 30, 2007

Why People resist occuption

"The Long View: People Resist Occupation I don't like writing about politics, especially Iraq. It depresses me. But Kate Camber took off after Donald Rumsfeld's latest tortured analogy for Iraq, and I just felt it was time to come back with the truth. People resist occupation. This was the lesson of Vietnam. This was the lesson of Afghanistan. This is the lesson of Iraq. If Rumsfeld had a brain he would realize this was the lesson found in defeating Hitler as well. The Resistance was the darling of WWII propaganda films, and in reality it worked well. Armies cannot occupy territory over popular objections. Once you become an occupying force, the game is over. The only way to gain and hold territory over the long term is through genocide, ethnic cleansing. Kill 'em all. Deny their humanity and drive them out, then build high walls and be prepared to defend those ramparts forever. In the end, people will get the government they're willing to fight for.

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