Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ciechanover Report on Mish'al Affair

Ciechanover Report on Mish'al Affair "Description of the Operation On September 25, 1997, the Mosad agents waited at the entrance of the Hamas offices in Amman, with the intention of assassinating Khalid Mish'al. They succeeded in injuring him, using a lethal substance. However, immediately afterwards, Khalid Mish'al's personal chauffeur and a security guard intervened. The chauffeur, who saw what was happening, hit the agent with a newspaper on his hand. The security guard began to chase the agents, and was able to note the license plate number of the car in which they had escaped, and boarded a passing car in order to pursue them. The agents were unaware that they were being followed. After some 300 meters, they stopped their car and left it. The security guard chased them and, with the help of a plainclothes policeman, managed to overpower and apprehend them. The agents were driven by the policeman and the security guard in a taxi to the nearest police station, and placed under arrest. When news of the agents' arrest broke in Israel, the Head of the Mosad flew to Jordan, with the Prime Minister's consent, in order to report the events to the King in person, bringing with him an antidote to treat Khalid Mish'al."

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