Monday, July 2, 2007

Subverting democracy

Pious words about promoting democracy in the Middle East are belied by the long history of US machinations, argues Joseph Massad*

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fatima said...

Bush wanted a Made to Measure Democracy , in which Secular US friendly Leaders who are ready to make peace with Israel are chosen.
when he saw that Algerians chose the Muslim party in 1991 (but cancelled ) the same in Bahrain , the Muslim brotherhood won seats in Egypt and jordan , the islamists won the elections in Comoros Islands and Palestine . He knew He cant allow Arabs and Muslims to have democracy , because they wont Choose US friendly Secular Leaders . so now he has given up and does not talk about Democracy anymore.

Even secular Chalabi did not make it in Iraq , but Abulaziz al Hakim and Hizb al Dawa .

And now they are punishing the Palestinians for choosing Hamas . they should have chosen Dahlan Pinochet .